Rockwall Dentist Stress AnxietyStress….It seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Stress from the weather.
Stress from traffic. Stress from teenagers. Stress from job. Stress from lack of sleep.

Our mouth can be one of the first places stress takes its toll. Gums that bleed, jaw
joints that ache from clenching, teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold are just a few of
the ways stress manifests itself.
The pressure from clenching for instance can be equal
to a force of 300 lbs per square inch and focused on a tooth or two can be devastating to
your tooth enamel, ultimately resulting in major damage or tooth loss.

For the record about 70% of people who show the damage signs from clenching
are TOTALLY unaware of it happening. With the use of a tiny camera that shows your
tooth the size of a computer screen, it’s easy to see the damage in early stages- that is the
ideal time to catch it, often on your cleaning visit.

So how does conservative, comfortable dentistry fit into this stressful
environment? It’s about early recognition and simple treatments. It’s “taking a look
under the hood” before you have pain and discomfort. Patients who stay engaged with
their dentist and hygienist on a regular basis enjoy their dental health. Still it is a matter
of choice…stressful times require us to prioritize what is important to us. Good dental
health is so important to our general health and well being.

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