Loss of teeth and learning to wear dentures can be a very difficult process for patients.  Loss of taste, learning to chew again, and simply living with conventional dentures is a challenge.

Technological advances in dental implant therapy now can give you a second chance to be able to chew, function, and taste without loose dentures.  The denture on the upper jaw can be made without the roof of your mouth being covered.  This helps you enjoy the taste and texture of food like you used to!  The lower denture is literally locked into position giving the feel of real teeth.  Imagine chewing again without your denture moving, and no more sore spots!

In summary, locked in dentures, also known as “All on 4” dentures, is the best way to go from loose or bulky dentures to ones that are literally locked into place with no denture glue necessary.  A consultation to see if you are a candidate is your next step.  Having the ability to enjoy your food and not be embarrassed by your dentures is like a new lease on life. 

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