I trust you will truly find MyRockwallDentist.com unique. It is designed to be frank and based on my experience of forty-plus years in dentistry, thousands of hours of continuing education through conventions, seminars, webinars, CD's and study clubs. I am always learning and most importantly, listening to my patients.

Common concerns that most patients have are is it going to hurt, how much does it cost, and how long does it take. After these entry level concerns, are the dentist and team likable and trustworthy?  When you get to the foundation of a patients concern, however other things that are extremely important include:

  1. Does my dentist and team have my very best interests at heart?
  2. Can I find good rapport and develop professional relationships with my dentist and team?
  3. Will they truly listen to whats important to me?
  4. Will they not make me feel bad or ridicule my past dental histroy or present conditions?
  5. Will there be someone I can trust to send my friends and family to?
  6. Will the dentistry last that I invest in?
  7. Will the dentistry be at a fair fee to me?
  8. Will my dentist help me find ways to pay for it?

Developing a rapport with your health care professional is rare in today's busy times. I strive to be sure my patients know I am interested in what their goals are. Treatments that are necessary to keep your health as well as giving your smile a boost or makeover are discussed in a relaxed, confidential atmosphere. When to fit those enhancements into your life and budget are areas we want to help you calculate. After all who doesn't want to have a healthy mouth and a great smile. It is a known fact that people who are confident with their smile are confident about life, their job, and their friendships. A great smile can open doors to better jobs and better relationships.

If you have ever experienced the embarrassment of a chipped, missing, or broken front tooth and tried not to show your social problem you know what I mean. Hopefully that never happens to you, but it is a great relief to know I will be there to help and put your smile back for you.

As you read through the list of services, I have tried to think through them as a dental patient and not as a technical explanation. Additional technical information can be given at a thorough examination coupled with reading clear, appropriate x-rays.

Dentistry is an important part of all our lives. It can be a extremely positive experience if planned well.  It is common knowledge how it links with your health is general. At our Rockwall office you will find it an inviting, refreshing change from clinics that do not allow you choices. I look forward to our experiences together.