Tooth Grinding HeadacheTo continue to be current on the latest information for my patients, I just attended an extensive, in-depth training on a growing dental disease trend - Tooth grinding. Other names associated with tooth grinding are bruxism or clenching.

It is associated with symptoms in a percentange of individuals such as headaches, jaw aches, toothaches and muscle spasms of the head and neck. But here in lies the irony- more than 70% of people who grind do NOT know they do. The take home lesson, is you could be inflicting irreversible damage and wear without realizing it. It is also known to be linked to sleep apnea, which is also increasing at a rapid rate unfortunately.

So to be complete at your next dental examination and cleaning please ask your dentist or hygienist not only about cavities and gum disease, but additionally about tooth grinding. You may save yourself a lot of expense in the future-not to mention preserving your health. Hint: If you see rough, chipped, irregular edges on your front teeth you are likely a grinder.