A common statement I hear from teeth whitening patients in my office from attempts at making their smile brighter is "whitening doesn't work for me, I have tried everything and they went back to the same color".

In taking their history, various whitening methods will have been tried. Among them:

  1. A one time procedure with a light that changes them multiple shades, but fades back.
  2. Over the counter methods like crest strips and such that give mediocre results but gain less than expected.
  3. Tray systems that are involved with whitening materials that helped some but not a bright as you expected.

Bottom line -  teeth whitening is generally an experience that most feel did not give the expected result.

Good News - there is a conservative answer to your desire to whiten your teeth.  Advanced methods developed to treat even the most stubborn of stained teeth are now available.  Special materials totally different in application, handling and storage create the optimum environment to help you get what you want.  A special evaluation and discussion specific to you allow the technique to be tailored to what stain or discoloration that you want to get rid of or change.

In summary, the proper whitening technique applied to the specific problem you want altered can give you the whiter, brighter smile you have always wanted.  Removing stubborn stains, deep into the enamel is a challenge.  A solution has arrived to take that challenge in.