Dental Anxiety Solutions

I consider dental anxiety one of the major causes of tooth loss today.  It is a crippling condition that pushes one to delay needed therapy to the point that no longer can you keep your teeth - eventually losing them.  

Patients commonly have histories of appointments that were poor outcomes, many times dentistry was not done well.  Patients recount experiences from their youth that have caused them to lack trust in the dentist. They wind up just not getting ANY dental care as the problems mount.

In today’s world dental anxiety patients have embarassment and can feel judged about the effects of neglect.  They don’t want to smile and may even AVOID social situations. Even eating can be challenging as patients no longer have teeth that can chew what they want.  They must eat soft food or worse yet, swallow poorly chewed food which causes digestive issues.

What if:

  • There was a safe, effective solution to dental anxiety
  • There was a way to get dental care completed in 2 to 5 comfortable appointments according to your needs
  • There was a way to get that smile you have always wanted but cannot imagine how to get it because of your anxiety
  • There was a way to look forward to dental care rather than avoid it because you know your anxiety is a thing of the past because you know you have a dentist whom you can trust and cares about how you feel

If any of these thoughts ring true with you then you have discovered a solution to your years of concern and worry.  If a caring, compassionate sit down meeting to discuss what is on your mind sounds good to you, please call for your consultation.  This can be life changing for you!