Consistent, regular dental teeth cleanings have a multitude of benefits. How often is regular? That’s a specific conversation with your dental hygienist.

Reading more below will give insight on why it isn’t just about teeth!

  1. Regular teeth cleanings keep your smile brighter – Get those stains removed that are so embarrassing!
    Coffee, tea, wine, sodas and tobacco are all common culprits. Stains can look like cavities!
  2. Regular teeth cleanings can ensure early detection of dental problems – Dental problems become
    extensive and increasingly expensive if they worsen. For patients on a budget it Is the way to go!
  3. Regular teeth cleanings can interrupt gum and bone disease (periodontal) disease – The roughness you
    feel is the plaque and calculus that has firmly attached itself to your teeth. It is FULL of bacteria –
    which you wind up swallowing everyday – YUCK!
  4. Regular teeth cleanings can improve your overall health – It is a fact. Diseases in the mouth are
    associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Regular teeth cleanings can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime – 25% of adults age 60 and over
    have lost ALL their teeth. 70% of the other 75% have gum disease. Easily preventable if you
    want to keep your teeth.
  6. Regular teeth cleanings can detect early oral cancer – Oral cancer is on the rise. Age, use of alcohol
    and tobacco, lifestyle are some of the reasons. In 2012, 34,300 people were predicted to get oral
  7. Regular teeth cleanings help prevent BAD BREATH! – Getting your teeth cleaned regularly along with a
    few specific recommendations can give you the confidence that you are a BREATH OF FRESH AIR!
    Remember, gum disease causes this! MOST people who have bad breath (halitosis) don’t even
    know it!
  8. Regular teeth cleanings help keep us on track with a plan – Everyone needs a plan. Why? Anything we
    hold valuable – building a home, planning a trip, planning your retirement, etc. are planned for.
    Should it be any different with our health?

If you are one of the lucky few with dental benefits then be aware of the “use it or lose it” rule. Dental
benefits do NOT roll over from one year to the next. When you DON’T use them they are gone forever!