In my practice 97% of patients enrolled wished for a better smile. More and more
people are realizing that your smile is tied to your self confidence and quality of life. A
great smile gives you opportunities socially, higher paying jobs and peace of mind that
you like the way you look.

I have found there are multiple reasons people have that have kept them from the
smile they really want.

Here are some of the top ones:


  1. “I do not have the money to do what I want for my smile.” By really listening
    to individual concerns, creatively providing options for treatment and sources of
    financing it is amazing how many we have helped. We like to think of it as treating the
    person as we would want to be treated. Financial solutions are an area we excel in.
  2. “I really don’t like dental procedures, especially if it involves shots.” If you
    have not been comfortable doing dental procedures in the past then getting a great
    looking, healthy smile is stopped in its tracks. I have found over and over again that
    patients have not heard of ABSOLUTE COMFORTABLE DENTISTRY. They have not
    been offered sedation dentistry, a comfortable chair pad to nestle in with a warm blanket,
    relaxation gas, and noise cancelling headphones. Dr. Lepard has spent 35 years creating
    systems for comfortable dentistry.
  3. “I don’t know how it will look so I’m afraid of doing anything.” Have you
    ever had a dentist photograph you and then by using experience and knowledge produce
    an image on the photograph to PREVIEW what your smile could look like? It is the
    ultimate in trying before you buy in regard to your new smile.
  4. “I don’t have the time to go through months of appointments to get a smile
    Again by listening intently to the patient, planning all the details before hand,
    and using some unique methods Dr. Lepard has developed many times has done this in 2
    or 3 appointments. Of course it is all about what you want to accomplish in what time
  5. “I have put things off for years and years and I don’t think there is any hope
    for me.”
    Daily we see patients who have been asking for solutions without getting
    answers. Rather than being listened to or understood they have been told this is what you
    should do- sometimes in 5-10 minutes after a dental cleaning. It wasn’t understandable
    so you did nothing. We are here to help you get started because we know that is what
    you truly want to do- with care and concern from your dentist.

So there you have it! How many points sound like just what has been on your mind?
Likely you have been wondering for a long time where to go for help. Now you have the
answer. Comfortable dentistry that looks good and was done in a few number of visits as