Dental veneers, crowns & whitening are great ways to give yourself that spectacular smile your have always dreamed of. As we age, our teeth age with us by becoming worn, chipped, discolored and short. With porcelain veneers and crowns, conservative reshaping of the tooth creates a way to cover your unsightley tooth with natural-appearing natural feeling procelain. A smile can be instantly 10 years younger in appearance in literally a few days. Dr. Lepard has over 40 years of experience helping patients with the SMILE THEY WANT!

Dental Imaging can be done to get a preview of what you want. This way you know what it will look like and can be discussed with your significant other. Shapes, length, portions of teeth can be used to enhance your individual appearance.

Other ways to cosmetically enhance your teeth can be with whitening, tooth colored bonding and tooth colored fillings. Mercury based silver filling tend to discolor and strain the tooth creating future cracks. Leakage with old fillings that have deteriorated is a recipe for disaster due to nerve damage and splitting of the teeth.

A smile is a lifetime investment in your appearance, health and happiness. To be proud of your smile is a great feeling!