Rockwall Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Many times whitening and straightening teeth do not give your the perfect smile you are wanting. Conservatively reshaping or in some cases, no shaping at all are necessary to cover your tooth with a natural looking dental veneer of porcelain.

Recently a system called Lumineers has presented new optimism to give you a great smile without changing your tooth. With dental imaging this can be evaluated with your goals in mind to assess its application. Ultra thin veneers are the wave of the future to give you the appearance you want!

Dr. Richard Lepard has participated in smile makeovers in the past. See the great result from our Napa Valley contest winner. Amazing results and life changing in every way.

Porcelain crowns are so life like in their appearance with our current technology. They are designed just for you with the best techniques available. They can be customized to be sure they fit your expectations. You can expect years of service with your new porcelain crowns. Dark lines around your crowns are a thing of the past.

Crowns can also be a great way to strengthen your teeth that have suffered from decay, cracks, chips and fracture. The teeth in the back of your mouth deal with tremendous forces with everyday chewing, not to mention grinding, and clenching. Dental Crowns can have new life by repairing them with dental crowns made from porcelain. Losing your tooth to decay is a problem solved with porcelain crowns for your back teeth.