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I am a native Texan, having done my undergraduate work at Abilene Christian University, and receiving my DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1977.

The first phase of “MY LIFE AS A REAL DENTIST” began in west Texas, where we raised our family and I practiced for 26 years. I quickly learned that “all you ever thought you knew about dentistry’ you did NOT learn in dental school! To be able to treat more COMPLEX CASES I headed back to the classroom. I needed more expertise so that my patients could choose to improve the way their smile looked, and more just wanted to have carefully placed dental restorations that looked great and lasted for a long time. Some patients wanted to be able to speak aind chew well wth their dentures and partial dentures. Others wanted to be comfortable while having dental treatment completed. A very common concern was bad breath and/or bleeding gums.

Many years and courses later I developed special skills (and am still learning…) to give my patients hope. I have performed 1000+ sedation appointments, all with success! My cosmetic dentistry looks great – check out my smiles on this website.

My family grown and raised, I began a partnership with a dentist in California. My education continued as I began to treat patients with new and unusual dental problems. STRESS, which is an increasing factor in my patient’s lives, caused me to seek a new source of relief for them. I studied more about TMJ, occlusion and night clenching and grinding. I have many solutions for my patients that are simple and inexpensive.

The Napa Valley Extreme Facial Makeover was one of my favorite memories of California. I put together a team of cosmetic professionals to change the life of a worthy recipient, Sandy Rogers. See her before and after photos on this website.

Texas roots were tugging and I began a new practice in Rockwall in 2009. My warm and knowledgeable team was carefully chosen to help my patients receive the best care possible! Please join us for a complimentary consultation or call 214-771-3130 for more information about our Rockwall Dental Practice; also I am available by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss any concern you have.

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